Shred the Papercuts: Streamline Your Year-End Statements Process

Shred the Papercuts: Streamline Your Year-End Statements Process

It’s that time again! Nonprofit teams everywhere are diving into year-end donation statements, eager to express gratitude and equip donors with tax clarity. But let’s face it, manually merging and sending statements can feel like shoveling snow uphill – tedious, repetitive, and prone to errors.

Say goodbye to paper cuts and hello to streamlined efficiency with Adaptive Cause, your Salesforce consulting partner, by your side! We’re here to break down the best options for merging and sending your donation statements, with a spotlight on two powerful tools: Apsona for Salesforce and Formstack Documents.

Why Merge & Send from Salesforce?

Salesforce is your nonprofit data hub. It already holds the key information you need for statements: donor details, contributions, tax-deductible amounts, and more. Why waste time exporting and doing manual mail merges when you can streamline the process directly from the Salesforce platform?

Top Solutions for Merging & Sending:

Apsona for Salesforce

Take your game to the next level with Apsona, a dedicated document generation and delivery app within Salesforce. Design your fully customized statement template in Microsoft Word, merge data seamlessly, and choose your preferred sending method: either by email or via a document download. Apsona is a great solution with great nonprofit pricing.

Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents offers a similar blend of power and simplicity. Build visually appealing statements using Microsoft Word templates, merge data from Salesforce, and send statements digitally or via traditional mail. Formstack Documents receives bonus points in our book as Salesforce Administrators can trigger merges by incorporating the action in a Salesforce Flow. This provides endless possibilities for making sure you merge the right statements.

Which Option is Right for You?

The best choice depends on your organization’s needs and resources. Apsona and Formstack Documents offer advanced features and scalability for larger organizations.

Adaptive Cause can be your guide! We have extensive experience helping nonprofits leverage Salesforce to its full potential. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can help you:

  • Design impactful year-end donation statements
  • Implement the perfect merging and sending solution
  • Automate your year-end process for ultimate efficiency
  • Optimize your Salesforce configuration for nonprofit success

With Adaptive Cause by your side, tackling year-end statements becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: expressing gratitude and building lasting relationships with your donors.

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