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Our process is simple


The first step toward successful work is a good plan, which is why we'll dive into your processes and analyze your data to create the perfect implementation strategy for your organization. We'll set key metrics that define our success.


Once our plan is in place the real fun begins (we're data nerds, we can say that). We have a heart for teaching, so we'll let you click the button as much as you want, or we'll take the reigns and do it for you.

Test & Deploy

No one wants bugs in production! Eww! We'll test everything and make sure you're comfortable with it before we launch (we're a little OCD). After all, a well run project should have time built in for testing.


With Salesforce, the opportunities for growth are endless. Whether we're automating more processes, building an email marketing plan, looking at your data in a new light or implementing text giving. Adaptive Cause is passionate about helping you transform the way you engage your constituents.

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